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EM Rose Thracian Valley, Rose Wine

Edoardo Miroglio
Product ID: 400005
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Tracian Valley Tracian Valley
  • Rose Rose
  • Dry Dry
  • 13.0% 13.0%
  • 0.75 L 0.75 L
  • 35% Pinot Noir 65% Melnik 35% Pinot Noir 65% Melnik
  • 7°C 7°C

Taste characteristics

  • Light Full bodied
  • Smooth Tannic
  • Dry Sweet
  • Soft Acidic

Other classifications

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
  • Vegan Vegan
  • 100% Organic 100% Organic


EM Rose Thracian Valley

35% Pinot Noir, 65% Melnik

Pale pink with hue of antique rose.

Red fruits and herbs with a honey note.

Elegant, juicy with a pronounced minerality and light spicy notes.

In stainless steel tanks.

Food pairing:
Fish dishes, white meat, seafood pasta and fresh cheese.

Store Features

Edoardo Miroglio Elenovo

The vineyards are located on the slope that heads to the village of Elenovo, from where the wines bear their name. The physical and chemical composition of the soil layers and the microclimate that is created in the hilly area located more than 400...

Type of Grape
Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is Burgundy's most dominant red grape variety. It's loved for its aromas of red fruit, flowers and spices, which are accentuated by a long, smooth finish. As a thin-skinned grape variety, Pinot Noir has in very general terms, moderate to high acidity, a low level of phenolic compounds, a low to moderate level of tannins and is lighter in colour most red wines.


Melnik is an increasingly rare, dark-hued variety grown in the southwest of Bulgaria and its named after one of the smallest townsc– Melnik. The grapes can produce powerful wines that respond well to extended maturation in oak and often have notes of tobacco and leather. They tend to be exotically perfumed, richly textured and have ample tannins.

The region
Thracian Valley

Located in the region of Thrace, in the village of Elenovo around 15 km from the town of Nova Zagora, the Edoardo Miroglio wine cellar is surrounded by vineyards, a natural lake and green fields, creating ideal conditions for vinegrowing. Vines and wine...

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