Langhe Rosato Cereja

Tenuta Carretta
Product ID: 400130
  • Italy
  • Podio, Piedmont
  • Rose
  • 13.5%
  • 0.75 L
  • Nebbiolo, Barbera
  • 8-10°C

Taste characteristics

  • Light Full bodied
  • Dry Sweet
  • Soft Acidic

Other classifications

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • 100% Organic

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Langhe Rosato Cereja

85% Nebbiolo, 15% Barbera

pale, salmon pink.

intense vegetal notes with fresh flowers, lightly spiced.

6 months in stainless steel tanks.

Food Pairing:
Tomato salad, Gazpacho

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Tenuta Caretta

A story that lasts since 1467

Set in a charming environment, Tenuta Carretta is one of the most historic and recanted Italian wine estate, where…past, present and future are combined in a rich and fascinating way.

The Tenuta Carretta vineyards take part of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato wine region, an extraordinary territory named UNESO World Heritage Site in 2014 and today covers about 80 hectares.

It dates back to the...

Type of Grape

Nebbiolo is the grape variety behind the top-quality red wines of Piedmont, northwestern Italy, the most notable of which are Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo wines are distinguished by their strong tannins, high acidity and distinctive scent – often described as "tar and roses". A less obvious characteristic, visible only over time, is their tendency to lose color. Within just a few years of vintage, most Nebbiolo wines begin fading from deep,...


Barbera is a dark-skinned wine grape variety found in several Italian wine regions, including its native Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Puglia, Campania and even the island regions, Sicily and Sardinia. At the turn of the 21st Century, it was Italy's third most-commonly planted red wine grape, after Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Barbera grapes are used both in blended wines and varietals – the latter are becoming increasingly common as Italy continues its move...

The region

Langhe is the hilly subregion east of the Tanaro river and south of Alba, in the Cuneo province of Piedmont (Piemonte). The name "Langhe" is the plural form of langa, a local word for a long, low-lying hill. A Langhe DOC wine may be rosso, bianco or rosato (red, white or rosé), a blend or a varietal with the name of the grape variety on the label. It can be still, frizzante (semi-sparkling), novello (an early-release, youthful style for reds) or passito...

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