Gigondas Grand Vin

Dauvergne - Ranvier
Product ID: 400206
  • France
  • Gigondas
  • Rhone
  • Red
  • 14.5%
  • 0.75 L
  • Southern Rhone Red Blend
  • 17°C

Taste characteristics

  • Light Full bodied
  • Smooth Tannic
  • Dry Sweet
  • Soft Acidic

Other classifications

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • 100% Organic

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Gigondas Grand Vin

The vines of our Grand Vin are mostly planted on the North-Eastern part of the appellation between 250 to 400 m of altitude. Grenache is the dominating grape variety side by side with syrah and mourvèdre. A good concentration of the wine comes naturally with a yield at about 40 hl/ha.

The grapes are hand harvested and carefully destemmed before a long maceration – all this contributes to a perfect extraction of the grape’s ripe components. We chose a partial ageing in foudres (big oak barrels) and tanks. Bottling will take place after 12 months of ageing. The bottles are corked with high quality natural corks.

The nose makes you think of the hills in Gigondas: pin, rosemary, thyme, dry grass between limestone pebbles… Then comes a round of liquorice, myrtle and blackcurrant with notes of cacao and smoke. The palate opens discretely, then becomes more and more powerful and finishes with a great length.

Open this bottle on a nice piece of beef with pepper, a piece of game such as a pheasant with truffles, or a shoulder of lamb.

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Dauvergne - Ranvier

Jean-François Ranvier and François Dauvergne teamed up to create a unique approach to building a brand focused on quality from vine to finished wine. In 2004, despite the partners not yet having a chateau, incredible funding, or vines of their own, they approached the best of the growers with enthusiasm for an idea. Jean-François had worked with over 50 cellars in the Rhone valley and together in 2004 the partners approached the best of them with their...

The region

Gigondas is a village in the southern Rhône valley and an appellation for red and rosé wines. Both colors are made from up to 80 percent Grenache (according to the appellation laws), with at least 15 percent comprised of Syrah and Mourvèdre. Any Gigondas wine may have a maximum of 10 percent of any variety sanctioned by the standard red Côtes du Rhône appellation laws, with the exception of Carignan.

The resulting style of wine made under the...

Type of Grape
Southern Rhone Red Blend

The Rhone Valley is one of France's key wine regions, and is divided neatly by a gap of about 25 miles (40km). Wines from the northern part of the valley tend to be Syrah-dominant (Hermitage and Cote Rotie being the most notable examples), while wines from the southern Rhone are more commonly blends, with Grenache playing a more dominant role. Chateauneuf-du-Pape is the most famous example of a southern Rhone blend, but similar blends are found in...

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